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Change Your Password and Personal Information:

If you are a member, you can change or correct your personal information and password by simply logging in to your account and accessing your Account Information.

You may also access and correct your personal information by e-mailing, writing, faxing, or calling SIOM at:

SIOM Orfevres
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Tel: +961 4 921080
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Please include your name, address, and/or e-mail address when you contact us. No specific form is required to notify SIOM of changes to your account information

Import Duties And Local Taxes:

Please be aware that the recipient will be responsible for all import charges, expenses, duties and local taxes.

Sales Terms and Conditions:

All orders placed are subject to the acceptance by SIOM sarl, and are subject to SIOM’s standard terms of sales procedures. All prices are exclusive of all export fees, sales taxes, duty, VAT or any other charges at destinations unless otherwise specified by our official offer. Packing included is our export standard packing free of charge

SIOM Orfevres warrants that all goods promoted for sale on this web-site conform to its high quality standards and meet all quality description stated for them on this web-site.

Information about the goods and prices are subject to change without prior notice. Where E-Commerce applies on this site, SIOM orfevres carries items in stock for immediate delivery.

To reserve the rights of the buyer, SIOM Orfevres warrants that, in case items were out of stock, the company informs the buyer about the exact scheduled date of shipment of his/her order, before the final sale takes place. The buyer holds the right to refuse the shipping date and therefore to cancel the order without any obligation on his/her part.

All prices displayed are quoted in $ USD and must be paid in full, together with any applicable delivery charges before shipment can take place.

Return Policy:

No merchandise may be returned without prior authorization from SIOM sarl, and in accordance with the following conditions

• Merchandise returned in original packing.
• Transportations charges prepaid by the buyer.
• A charge of 15% is made to cover the cost of receiving, unpacking, inspecting, repacking and restocking.
• On equipment or parts returned for repairs or adjustments, transportation charges, both ways to be prepaid by the buyer.
• All items to be repaired will be quoted separately with the repair cost.

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